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Song Draft 7: At The Parlor

Once again a track that I did not at all expect to turn out the way it did! I started this with the Rhodes idea that can be heard in the chorus, but had imagined it to be in a completely different tempo. Interestingly enough, with some slight changes it still worked at 105 BPM!

Adding a pretty standard bassline and somewhat basic drum kit sounds to that gave it a nice feeling that I wanted to continue building on. Next came the bassline for the intro and again some chords on top of that.

Then these two parts needed some glueing together, for this purpose I built a little prehook. The chorus felt a bit lame and at that point I decided to add some variations to the bass which turned into the higher parts of the bassline that can be heard now. I finished it all by adding the bridge between second and third chorus, which goes into half-time and of which I really like the overall vibe. The synth-solo-line needed four different takes, and the fourth one was so nice that I decided to use it without any further edits, which came in quite handy because time was running out!

The draft as a whole feels still a bit empty I suppose, but I would actually consider that progress when compared to many of my tracks which are on the edge to being overfull. Still, I might add some more details to add complexity!

Hope you like it :)


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