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Song Draft 6: oKay

As you can see I am getting more creative by the day regarding the titles of these drafts ;)

But despite that, I love the feel of this track. Easy-going yet unabashedly groovy, oKay was extremely fun to make. I also upgraded my video equipment a bit, the recent addition of a 360° camera (an Insta 360) should provide you with a much better overview of what is going on!

I started this track like I start most of my tracks, defining a certain vibe with the drum samples I use. After finding a chord progression that made me similarly uncomfortable and satisified, I tried a range of basslines that might do a good job of conveying this easy-going but driving feeling that the drums called for.

Next came the surfy guitar-line that can be heard in the second part of what I would consider the chorus of this track. After that, with time ticking away relentlessly, the verses had to be found pretty fast. Settling for an interesting transition to the first verse with the last chord of the chorus being the first one of the verse, the bass was recorded on top of the chords.

As for the rhodes-solo that brings this track to it's end, it was equal parts pragmatism and inspiration. On one hand, a solo is recorded pretty quickly (if it works out nicely, which at first it did not), but I also felt that the track called for it.

I am really happy with where this track is going, it could easily become one of my all-time favourite songs.

Have fun listening!


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