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Song Draft #5 - Abandoned Mind

In the series "Mr. Robski's Song Drafts", I will be challenging myself to create a new song idea in under two hours. The only things I know beforehand are the song title and the tempo of the song. I will then try to come up with as much of a song as possible in 120 minutes. I am not sure what I will do with these drafts, but some of them might just end up being finished and released...

Abandoned Mind - I am not exactly sure where that title came from. But it is what it is, I guess. To me, Abandoned Mind kind of feels like that last emotional, hands-in-the-air song after an amazing show. Or that song you would listen while reminiscing about a dear memory. Or that song one plays when one simply wants to relax and recover. A bit of all of these I suppose.

I started this one with these kind of lofi, kind of unusable drum sounds that slowly turned into a beat with a very particular feeling to it, a vibe that I had not really anticipated based on any of the samples I used. After I found a bassline, it became clear that the direction I thought I was heading in with this track was not at all where it was going. Somehow, that is what happens with most songs.

But I liked the tendency and so I kept pushing. It turned out that the ending of the chorus bassline was really asking to be played unisono together with the rhodes and guitar. The last thing that came together were the verses, and I think I will have to work on both of them for a bit, because they are really more of a sketch.

But after all, thats what the whole two-hour-songdraft-challenge is about.

I hope you enjoy this acoustic sketch!

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