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Song Draft #4 - No Pressure

In the series "Mr. Robski's Song Drafts", I will be challenging myself to create a new song idea in under two hours. The only things I know beforehand are the song title and the tempo of the song. I will then try to come up with as much of a song as possible in 120 minutes. I am not sure what I will do with these drafts, but some of them might just end up being finished and released...

When I decided to call this draft No Pressure (before actually starting to write it), it was because I had been recording for many days on end, and created quite a lot of these drafts (including timelapses) in a relatively short timespan.

And while the concept of creating a full draft in under two hours is certainly productive, it is also pretty stressful to be honest. I am not sure whether the title was more of an ironic choice or whether it really served the purpose of avoiding pressure, but I do find the resulting track to be really relaxing.

It all began with two things: Finding a lot of juicy drum samples taken from an Sp-1200, and stumbling upon these melancholic yet somehow uplifting chords. The only thing that I had to put some effort in was finding the bassline. After that, everything else fell into place. The first verse almost wrote itself, and the only really work required for the second verse was finding the right sound, but the melody just materialized out of thin air. So that was a nice experience.

Let me know what you think! :)


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