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Song Draft #3 - Blind Passion

In the series "Mr. Robski's Song Drafts", I will be challenging myself to create a new song idea in under two hours. The only things I know beforehand are the song title and the tempo of the song. I will then try to come up with as much of a song as possible in 120 minutes. I am not sure what I will do with these drafts, but some of them might just end up being finished and released...

Blind Passion is probably one of the corniest track titles I have come up with so far. And since the main purpose of the song name (besides being a bit amusing perhaps) is inspiring me and pushing the track in a certain direction, the song took a bit of a cheesy turn too.

The first thing that I came up with was the melody of the marimba. After playing around with a couple of drum patterns, settled for this slightly trappy one, and went to work building the chorus, recording the Moog-bass and fleshing it out with rather joyous guitar chords.

For the verse after that first chorus, I felt like this track had to take a more serious turn or else it might feel a bit unidimensional. I stuck with the chords from the intro, but put them into a more serious disguise with a Wurlitzer-style sound and changed up the intro bassline a bit to make matters more entertaining.

I also switched up the drum sound for that verse by using the drums from the chorus and processing them a bit to make them fit in more (if I have to be honest, this was mainly motivated by the necessity to save time since I wanted to get a complete draft before the two-hour mark…).

I feel like this draft still sounds pretty rough at the moment. But the main ideas are there, and I am satisfied with them, at least for the moment.

I think I will try to work this one into a full-blown pop song. Stay tuned!


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