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Song Draft #2 - "Parachute"

In the series "Mr. Robski's Song Drafts", I will be challenging myself to create a new song idea in under two hours. The only things I know beforehand are the song title and the tempo of the song. I will then try to come up with as much of a song as possible in 120 minutes. I am not sure what I will do with these drafts, but some of them might just end up being finished and released...

The song title - "Parachute" - inspired by a paraglider I saw just before starting this track, immediately drew me towards this vibe of enjoying life, having fun and not overthinking things, which in turn is the inspiration for the bassline, guitar and chords of the chorus. Together with the drums, which developed to be a fairly basic, laid back yet driving four-to-the-floor beat with some nice percussion, these elements really embody this "good times"-feeling I was aiming for.

But I also wanted something different, because life cannot always be full throttle. So I created some space to breathe in the second verse. The bridge after the second chorus also changes things up quite nicely, but it will definitely need some more elements, should I decide to finish this song (which is highly likely, because I really love this draft so far!).

I thank you for taking the time to listen to this idea of mine. If there is anything you want to tell me about this song, please do so!

Stay healthy, Mr. Robski



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