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Diary Entry 8 - Circling

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about where it is that I am heading. I think it is pretty clear that I am heading somewhere, rather than staying in one place, you can see that by looking at the history of my latest releases, which all differ from each other in many ways.

But it is not so clear that I am going into a certain direction, let alone into only one direction. Sometimes, I walk into a funky corner, and at other times, I orient myself more towards electronic music (and sometimes, I combine the two, the result of which is Tough).

I think I am exploring at the moment, scouting the musical territory. I would like to think that I am circling something, and that at the center of these different walks lies Mr. Robski’s musical identity in its truest form. But that is probably not an accurate way of looking at it, because the center is moving, and the center is also more of a big area than a single point. It is moving because the music that I consider good and want to make changes constantly, because I learn new things and my influences change. And obviously Mr. Robski’s musical identity takes different forms because there are different kinds of songs that I like and want to make, so it can not be just a single point.

Apparently, this is more complicated than I thought. But the question remains: Where am I going? The only answer I have come up with so far is: Seemingly everywhere!

X Mr. Robski


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