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Diary Entry 7 - Quarantine Writing

The last week was a really productive one, I managed to get a lot of tracks to a stage where I would consider them “ready to voice”. In this stage, a song is by no means finished, but it is far enough to consider it for writing lyrics and recording vocals for it. Songs are kind of piling up in that stage, I suppose I will have to focus on finding and working with singers more in the near future.

The last week of writing was also interesting from a different perspective. One of my two halves was quarantined and so I could not work in the studio the way I usually do. Instead, I had to utilize Zoom with its screensharing options for my two parts to be able to work together in the usual way. This turned out to actually work much better than I had expected it to work out, especially since one can also share the computer sound and controls, which makes it possible to really work on a project remotely. But for obvious reasons it does not really match the direct exchange of ideas that can emerge in the long (and late) studio sessions…

Nevertheless, this was an interesting experience, and it will probably change the way I work in the foreseeable future quite a bit, especially given that the current situation does not really seem to be coming to an end very quickly.

x Mr. Robski


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