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Diary Entry 5 - Reflecting

Even though there are lots of things to be done in the new studio, I cannot help but think about the old studio sometimes.

When it got clear that I will have to leave this place, I realized that I took a lot of things there for granted. It was a very inspiring location, spacious and quiet. Thanks to the crew, everything was already set up and working, and while there may have been technical problems at times, it was mostly straightforward making music, without having to think about the technical side of things too much (this can be a real creativity killer).

It was in this place that it all started. I had so much fun in that studio, I experienced frustration and success, I learned lots of things, not only about music production, but also about teamwork, the music industry and about myself. I rarely say this, but I am very grateful for that experience.

Now it is time to move on, there are lots of projects to be attended to!


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