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Diary Entry 4 – Starting 2021 the way I ended 2020

I cannot believe that we are almost three full weeks into 2021 already! Time has passed so quickly because there are so many things to work on right now.

I ended 2020 on a high note – with lots of music. I spent almost every day between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the studio. And I started 2021 in the same way, using the first week of January for lots of writing.

This writing session was the most creative and productive I have had in a long time. In total, I started seven new projects, five of which I will upload in my Song Drafts series in the next months. I also recorded some making-of footage and spent a lot of time thinking about the year ahead and where I want to go with my music in terms of harmony, rhythm, or production.

And that is how I will be spending the next weeks, if not months: Working out the ideas I collected and drafts I made into complete songs.

I am so looking forward to that!

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