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Diary Entry 3 - On the move

Today two weeks ago, I met with the studio crew in the studio, and we started packing all the equipment and getting everything sorted. Actually, we started by sampling the nice echo at the window of the studio, which we had intended to do much earlier already.

After we loaded everything into our cars, drove over to the new studio and unloaded everything. This probably sounds like it did not take too long, but it took us almost the entire day, and we were all quite exhausted after carrying all the rigs, monitors, amps and other equipment.

The next day, we met at the new studio again, and tried to set ourselves up there. The problem with this is that the whole studio setup is quite complicated. Admittedly, this is probably the case in every studio, but this time, we were looking at the setup of someone else, so it was extra hard for us to figure out what to hook up where, how to integrate our equipment, how to sync the gear and, as space is scarce, where to put everything.

The weeks following this weekend were filled with everything necessary to slowly get things up and running. In addition to setting up my things, there was a lot of new gear to discover, and I have yet to try out most of it. We also used the time of the relocation to backup and update the studio computer, which meant that we had to install all of our plugins anew. It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

I am really looking forward to the moment where everything is set up, and I can go back to working on music again, just like on the old studio – or maybe even better?


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