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Diary Entry 2 - Finding a new studio

I have to move to a new studio, because the building that my old studio was located in will be renovated and afterwards rented to a theater.

After we – the studio crew and me, that is – received this news a couple of months ago, we immediately started looking for a new place for our studio, but as it turns out, finding a suitable location is everything but easy, mainly because a studio has a lot of requirements regarding the room and its surroundings. For example, you would not want your studio to be next to the rehearsal room of a band, because that is much too loud and would make detailed listening very hard, but vice versa, working in the studio can be quite loud at times. So, you need quiet neighbours but can not guarantee being quiet yourself, which also rules out any places in office buildings.

In addition to this, a new room requires a lot of work to get the acoustics right, which would mean investing a lot of time and money.

But, after weeks of browsing through online platforms and asking people if they knew of any possible places, with the deadline moving steadily closer, we found a good solution. We will be moving into an already existing studio, joining forces with the two current owners. This may not be a perfect long-term solution, as we will not be able to organize the whole infrastructure “from scratch”, but on the other hand, it will save us all of the trouble of treating the room, which will save us a lot of time.

Additionally, the studio looks very nice, sounds awesome and the fact that we can combine our gear with the equipment that is already there is also very helpful.

I can’t wait to get to work there!


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