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Diary Entry 1 - Writing Week

The last week was very exhausting, but also quite fulfilling. I spent every day in the studio, and I am very happy with the results. Over the course of six days, I managed to start four new songs and got one project ready for the mix. I also worked with my mixing engineer to get the next release ready to be sent to mastering, and one of the releases after that next song is almost finished as well. I feel like my sound is improving quite a bit, which makes putting in all those hours very rewarding.

Besides this, I put a lot of thought into what I want to do in terms of music and other projects. I reflected on my strengths and the things I am not so good at. One result of this is that I decided to challenge myself to create new song ideas in very little time, which can be listened to on YouTube, Facebook or IGTV. I think I will call this series ”Mr. Robski‘s song drafts”.

There is a lot of work ahead, because I have to relocate. I will be moving into a new studio together with my studio crew, and this will be quite the process. Really hope this works out well.


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